Zero Tolerance In School

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Nowadays,more and more schools have the principle of ‘zero-tolerance’ to restrict the student’s behavior. What is a ‘zero-tolerance?’ ‘Zero-tolerance policy’ is defined as “a policy that has a high level of strict, uncompromising rules of laws” in In other words, there is no excuse for any disturbing behaviors even tiny mistakes in the school. If some students disobey rules, teachers or someone who has the power of the punishment can punish these students immediately. In this definition, we have to focus on words; strict and uncompromising. These meanings are usually spoken or used for the criminals. Why are these words used in the school? Are all students potential criminals? According to, a zero-tolerance policy was developed in 1990s as the federal government passed the “Gun-Free Schools Acts”, which demands schools to expel anyone who has a gun in the campus for the security. While the “broken window” laws became popular at that time, schools started enacting disciplinary policies that were even further than the federal law. These policies were different in each school systems, but the main point is that it required suspending or expelling students for various reasons, such as; bringing any weapons to school, including nail clippers and toy swords and some disruptive behaviors like threatening other students, fighting, being rude to teachers and cutting a lunch line. Zero tolerance policies are mainly showed by each school systems as possible

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