Zero Tolerance In Schools

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Overview Since the late 1980s, American school systems have been focused on using zero tolerance policies to remove supposed threats to schools from the education system. Zero tolerance policies present a large problem; they remove due process from the discipline process and by doing so violates the rights to a fair trial. Is this the purpose of the education system in America to punish students and potentially ruin futures or to nurture and improve the potential of students’ lives? While zero tolerance policies do treat all offenders as equal at the time of the infraction, it often fails to examine the full picture. My thesis is that zero tolerance policies in school punish many innocent people who were left with no other option than to defend themselves or give up their lives.
Purpose Statement The purpose of this research is to examine the usage of zero tolerance policies by schools to circumvent due process and expel students without taking into consideration the chain of events that lead to up the case. Many occasions of physical, verbal, or mental violence zero tolerance policies both parties involved receive punishment even in the cases of a victim standing up to a bully. In cases of a weapon related zero tolerance, there are instances of kindergarten children receiving expulsion and losing a whole year of education for just saying bang or holding their hand in the shape of a gun. Zero tolerance policies do not allow the administration to implement more successful

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