Zeus : The God Of God

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Zeus is the God of the sky, lightening, order law, and justice. He was the youngest son of Kronos and Rhea, and rose to power and became the ruler of all the Gods on Mount Olympus. Since Zeus was the most powerful God on Mount Olympus he had many different partners, which resulted in many different kids. Leto is the kid to the Titans Coues and Pheobe, she grew up to be the Goddess of Motherhood for the Titans. Leto lived on Mount Olympus where she met Zeus and they ended up falling in love. When Zeus and Leto fell in love, he got Leto pregnant with twins. When Leto got pregnant, Zeus was with Hera at the time. Hera found out about Leto being pregnant with Zeus’s kids and she got angry with Leto and she cursed her. Hera gave her the curse to where Leto could not give birth to any island connected to the ground or the sea floor. Zeus found out that Hera cursed Leto, so he made an island arise from the sea floor so that she can give birth to the twins. After Zeus made an island arise from the floor, Delos, Leto found a place on the island and started to give birth to the twins. Hera found out about Zeus making an island arise from the sea floor, she went out looking for Leto, since she could not find her she kidnapped the Goddess of childbirth, Eileithyia. Since the Goddess of childbirth was kidnapped, Leto had a long and painful childbirth. Artemis was the first to be born and then a few days later Apollo was born. Every single God and Goddess was there to witness the birth
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