Zeus, The Lyre And Silver Bow And Arrows

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1. In Greek myth, Zeus is found to have several contradictions.
Zeus was created to be the ideal husband, lover, and father; yet, he constantly cheats on his wife, Hera. Furthermore, in placing Zeus on this pedestal it is curious why Zeus is depicted as amoral or cruel at times (i.e. in Zeus and Prometheus myths). Zeus supposedly holds up virtues and morality for humanity and divinity, however, if this was true why in the Iliad does it allude to there being an uprising against him by Poseidon, Hera and Athena?

2. The two instruments associated with Apollo are the lyre and silver bow and arrows.
Through the lyre he is shown to be passionate and compassionate to others. This signifies his role as a musical god, one that is enthralled with competition, but also in tune with (humanoid) emotions. Since, he is in touch with himself (his emotions), he is sensitive and he is the epitome of culture. He can express himself in a refined way that gets overwhelmed with emotion, however, is put together in a precise way to create a masterpiece. Likely, his music could be seen as soothing in a way we may consider lullabies. Thus, his function was to act as the refined, calming, culturally rich ideal of the musician.
Through the silver bow and arrows Apollo is presented as ruthless, perhaps even a judge. His bow and arrows give him the idea of a protector, but his association with the deal of boys gives him also the edge that is almost cruel. His function was likely to be
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