Zhao Kuangyin's Song Dynasty

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Before the Song Dynasty became the most powerful dynasty in China, there was an upstart military commander that dethrone the last Tang emperor in 907. China divided itself into divisions once again. North China had Five Dynasties while the South separated in ten regimes. Zhao Kuangyin was the leader of the Song Dynasty before it became one. He lead an army north against a rumored Kitan invasion. is officers entered his residence on the second morning of the march and hailed him as emperor. Once Zhao Kuangyin was emperor, he changed his name to Emperor Taizu. He was the emperor of the Song from 960-976 CE. Emperor Taizu wanted to clearly separate military command from civilian administration. To do this, he hosted a banquet in his palace for…show more content…
His father governed a village in one of the royal estates. Coming from a wealthy family, Ibn Sina got the chance of being well educated. During his school years he shined in writing. He was able to learn math, literature, and history. His true interest was in health though. He wanted to become a doctor. Being an expert in the medical field got the attention of Sultan of Bukhara, Nuh ibn Mansur. Nuh ibn Mansur was ill and Ibn Sina successfully cured him. Later in Ibn Sina life he goes to prison. During his time in prison he was able to write two important works, allegory on human intellect and medical treatise, which is titled “Colic.” Before Ibn went to prison he became a well known philosopher and physician. Ibn got the opportunity to “At the time of Ibn Sina, the early eleventh century, there were no fewer than eleven geographers writing and circulating descriptions of the Asian World.” (Gordon, P. 41) This just shows that parts of West Asia caught up or barley behind China. Ibn Sina time was equally impressive for medical research. Ibn Sina was an interested man that started believing in Neo-Platonism. He started believing in this after reading certain books. His writings illustrated the depth of commitment to learning of Muslim elites from Spain to Central Asia. “Ibn Sina, Philosopher and physician, was a brilliant member of a whole class of scholars who moved from court to court, participating in…show more content…
People who practiced Islam is known as Muslims. Ibn Sina and Ibn Fadlan are Muslims. Muslims believed in building an amazing community like any other country. They believed the right way to do this is to not kill their own people with having it in the law of their religion. This law kept them from fighting each other. The difference between China and West Asia is that West Asia was trying to be the most powerful country in the world while China felt like they did not need to improve anything because at the time they were the most powerful
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