Zinc Deficiency Can Cause Damage to the Brain Essay

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During the past few hundred years, zinc has been known to be the vital mineral and catalytic of a lot of proteins and a signalling messenger who is released by neural activity. (choi & koh, 1998) Since zinc has been discovered by raulin in 1869 to be needed as a grower of aspergillus niger which is type of fungus and one of the most common species of the genus aspergillus, this fungus is common contaminant of food and cause black mould on certain food. Beside the cause of contaminated food, zinc has been admitted as important for human in modern times.(Prasad, 1984) (Hambidge , 2000) (Vallee & Auld, 1990)
Zinc is contained in most of food, especially fish and meat provides the most and optimum sources due to the bioavailability of zinc from animal products are greater than plant food. (Michael, 1978) Even though plant contains zinc the bioavailability from plants are comparatively poor because of the high phytic acid contain and fibre content. In realty, from vegetarian diet people have been informed have poor zinc availability. (Freel, -Graves, Bodzy & Eppright, 1980) Furthermore, calcium and iron have been found to interpose with zinc absorption and also coffee and milk product which are the stable dietary have been presented a lower bioavailability of zinc in human and animal. (Pecoud, Donzel & Schelling, 1975)
In the biochemical pathways, it has been found approximately 300 enzymes in different species with their functions which help in synthesis and…