Zinn 12

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Zinn Chapter 12 1. Why might Teddy Roosevelt have thought that the United States needed a war in 1897? a. The United States was struggling politically and economically. It was believed that opening up markets overseas would relieve a lot of the problems that the United States was having in its depression. 2. In what sense was expansion overseas “not a new idea”? If it was not new, then why did it not begin until 1898? a. The Monroe Doctrine moved the US down south into the Caribbean even before the war against Mexico. The US needed to gain more power and unity before it could think of expanding its markets. 3. How many times did the US government intervene in the affairs of other countries between 1798 and 1895? a. Ten times. 4. Senator …show more content…

11. How long did hostilities last between the US and Spain once they began in 1898? a. About three months. 12. Why were the Cuban rebel leaders shut out of the negotiations for peace? a. The negotiation was in the hands of the Spanish and the Americans, the Cubans were barely involved in battle. 13. What did the American victory in the Spanish-American War allow American business to accomplish in Cuba? What role did the US military occupation force play in the relationship between

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