USS Maine

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  • The Battle Of The Uss Maine

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    returning the Cuban lands back to its people. President McKinley who was pressured into war by yellow press, sent American forces into battle which ultimately led to the birth of a western hemispheric super power, the United States. The sinking of the USS Maine, the use of yellow press journalism, and the national uproar and motivation is what drove the Americans to victory. Valeriano Weyler, the Spanish General in Cuba, started a campaign called Subjugation or Death. This bloody campaign was Spain’s attempt

  • The Bombing Of The Uss Maine

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    February 15th, 1898, the USS Maine was hit with a mine as it sat in the Havana Harbor. There is large speculation to whether that is the truth or not. Over the years it is still a topic of debate as of what caused the explosion. Some believe that the Spaniards did it, others believe it was a clumsy mistake of misplaced ammo, others believe it was a spontaneous coal fire that caught a box of ammunition on fire. No matter the cause, the loss of the ship and 260 of her crew was devastating to America

  • The Spanish American War in 1898

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    The quote "A Splendid little war" by Secretary of State John Hay summarizes the Spanish American War in 1898. While this war could be seen as an act of aggression by the 20th century standards this war was beneficial to the United States of America while being deviating to the Kingdom of Spain for many reasons. There were many causes for the Spanish American War. The first long term cause was the Wilson Gordon Tariff. This tariff ultimately decreased tariff rates for may Europeans nations excluding

  • Discuss The Causes Of The Spanish American War

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    work for our labor.” The theory to search for new land had become a reality when opportunity presented itself in the form of Spanish conflicts. After the combination of various causes such as intervention in Cuban affairs and the bombing of the USS Maine, The United States under the leadership of President WIlliam McKinley declared war against the Spanish Empire. The Spanish-American War resulted in purely American domination in as few

  • The Term Effects Of The Spanish American War Of 1898

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    accumulation many events which caused the war to explode. It started with the event surrounding USS Maine, was a "second class" battleship built up for the U.S. Navy. Spain sent General “Butcher” Weyler to control the situation in Cuba, so America sent the navy battleship called the USS Maine to the area to protect American investments. At first, the battleship USS Maine had no hostility, but until the Maine exploded at

  • Describe The Relationship Between Spain And America

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    On February 15, 1898 an explosion will occur on the USS Maine killing 260 sailors. The papers will use the anger felt by the United States public by creating coverage blaming Spain for the explosion. Captain Sigsbee of the USS Maine will send information about the incident to the New York World. He will come to the conclusion that “after a hasty examination, the disaster to the Maine was not caused by accident.”(S) Sigsbee stated that the boiler room was carefully inspected

  • Cause Of The Spanish American War

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    Causes of the Spanish-American War In April of 1898 America finally declared war against Spain and this was as a result of the sinking of the Battleship Maine in Havana in February of the same year. After months of war and wrangles, the war came to an end after the signing of the Treaty of Paris on 10th of December 1898.1 The end of the war saw the Spaniards loss complete control over majority of their remaining empires aboard including Cuba, Philippines Islands, Puerto Rico, and Guam among other

  • USS Maine: A Necessary Evil

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    Four days ago there was a naked act of aggression against the United States. Our ship the USS Maine which was stationed in Havana Harbor in Cuba to keep the peace and attempt to ease tensions between the Spanish dogs and the Cuban rebels was destroyed. There are several theories circulating as to why the Maine exploded but the most prevalent is sabotage there are many suspected groups and individuals We have found that the Spanish are the most likely culprits. The Spanish Ambassador to America denies

  • Yellow Journalism In American War

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    Yellow journalism is a type of journalism that contained exaggerated stories paired with eye-catching photos, drawing many readers. Historians throughout the years have postulated that this is the cause for the Spanish-American War; however this is deceitful. Although many articles were intentionally made to anger Americans, thus causing war, the yellow press had no effect on the decision to declare war against Spain. William Randolph Hearst, a person often credited with beginning the yellow press

  • The Spanish American War Was A Conflict Between Spain And America

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    distorts, or exaggerates the news to attract readers. A truce was called and Spain allowed Cuba to have limited power of self-government. Nevertheless, the demand for the US to intervene with the conflict grew and it resulted in the sinking of the USS Maine in the Havana Harbor in Cuba. The battleship had an explosion that resulted in 260 sailors dead. The explosion was thought to have been caused by the Spanish even though it was never proven.This led to the start of the war. Spain declared war on