Zionism As A Religion

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Judaism is many things, a religion, a nation, an ethnicity and a culture (Simms, 1996). In this essay I will be discussing whether Judaism is primarily a religion or a nation. I will consider what a religion is, and what a nation is. I will review Zionism and its relationship with Judaism. I will also discuss how Judaism as a religion and as a nation are linked and finally, I will review other countries religions and nations to see whether they are linked or not.

Religion is a combination of beliefs, world views and spiritual practises that relate humanity to a structure of existence. Religion is classed as ones “spiritual journey” and a spiritual journey could be considered to be anyone seeking an ultimate understanding of life and the world …show more content…

For the Jewish people, the story of their national history is crucial to their religion. Prior to the foundation of Israel, Jewish people were aware that where they lived and settled now would not be a permanent home because of the diaspora, (the dispersement) and the longing for the founding of Israel which occurred in 1949 (Simms, 1996). After the destruction of the Jewish state, which occurred in 70CE along with the destruction of Jerusalem and the Destruction of the Temple (Simms, 1996), Jews fled or were forcibly exiled to various countries throughout Europe. Further pogroms forcing Jewish people to leave the places they had settled occurred throughout history, ending in the Holocaust (Simms, 1996).The Jewish faith, bound by a shared faith and hardship was what led to the desire for a nation safe from persecution and without this faith, there would essentially be no nation (Lessing, 1947). The early growth of the Jewish faith and the desire for a Jewish nation are completely intertwined which makes it seemingly difficult to separate the exclusively national, from the religious (Harris, 1890, p.166). However, national boundaries and religious boundaries often seem identical and this has basically meant that the death of a nation typically meant the death of its religion (Harris, …show more content…

In origin, Zionism is the movement against anti-Semitism and is a national liberation movement founded by Theodor Herzl in 1896 (Habib, 2004). Herzl’s main goal was to return the Jews to Jerusalem and to the Holy Land of Israel. Another important proposal he offered through Zionism until 1948, was to re-establish Jewish sovereignty in Israel. Zionism promised the Jewish people freedom, revolution, liberation and normalisation and gave them something to put hope in to (Laqueur,

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