Zombie Apocalypse Case Study

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Once the zombie invasion occurs, there are primitive objectives that are put into place before hand to provide precaution to any and all outbreaks that could possibly happen. Many objectives such as shelter, infection, communication, and evacuation are all things that must be delegated to the right personnel in order to give direction. Communication is key for all objectives to succeed, and for the infection not to spread. At all costs we must remain in control of any situation given; As the public health department we are in charge of proceeding with plans from the board as given and to ensure the safety of all citizens in the city. During a zombie apocalypse, communication is undoubtedly one of the most important requirements. The word “communication” means to convey thoughts, warnings, instructions, orders, and information. Effective communication is vital to reduce confusion and extra chaos. Correct use of communication can reduce the impact of the apocalypse, reduce delays of vital functions, and lead to success in the management of the survival efforts. All functions of basically …show more content…

In the case of a zombie apocalypse, shelter is even more important. There are a few options when it comes to taking shelter in the midst of this crisis, but how you go about taking shelter completely up to you. A Red Cross center or your local health department would be an ideal place to keep away from the zombies. You should also isolate yourself to keep from being infected by the virus and for personal safety as a whole. Ways to do this include going to your local health department, visiting a Red Cross center, or going to places with little to no population. Sticking together to help one another is highly recommended as well. That way if you or someone else around you gets hurt, there is someone that can help them as best as they can. You can could also build your own shelter. Remember the essentials: food, water, and some sort of

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