The Threat Of A Zombie Apocalypse

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The topic of the undead coming back to life to feast on the living has been around since the first zombie movie White Zombies in 1932; however, just in the past few decades has the threat of a zombie apocalypse enter the realm of international politics. The threat of a zombie apocalypse is a very serious concern of the international communities. Many political scientists are not sure how the world leaders would be able to work together if this issue were ever to arise in the world today. In the book “Theories of International Politics and Zombies”, Drezner uses the threat of a zombie apocalypse to show how the different theories of international politics would eliminate the threat; however, are the living dead a real international concern or are they just a brilliant metaphor for something much greater that could happen to the world.
There are many political theories in the world today. Drezner addresses how realism, liberalism, constructivism, neo-conservatism, and bureaucratic politics would face the threat of a zombie apocalypse throughout his book. Each theory presented with the possibility of a world where the dead walk amongst the living and feed on their flesh, and then Drezner would elaborate on how each political theory would unfold if the world were to decide to pursue that particular political theory. This elaboration helps us determine if the world could even survive a zombie apocalypse. Although many people would ask is the threat of a zombie apocalypse even a

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