Zombie World Black Ops Analysis

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Zombie World : Black Ops


Live in post-apocalyptic world in Zombie World: Black Ops and try to survive.

Build a base, use all of your survival skills to the fullest, and gather and use resources to survive.

Research and manufacture weapons and buildings, build alliances with other players, and create a thriving settlement.

To be honest, we don’t know what to make of Zombie World: Black Ops. In any case, it managed to turn the zombie genre into a real-time strategy game, much like Game of War. Yes, we have to mention that it’s merely a reskin of other strategy games, albeit with an interesting zombie apocalypse theme and setting. That being said, the effort put into this game is rather poor, especially with the translations and interpersonal character dialogue. Granted, it’s a type of game you’ve already played before. Thing is, would it be something you would want to play? Let’s find out:
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If you’ve played other real-time strategy games before, you wouldn’t have to take this seriously. Basically, it will teach you how to build structures across your settlement that, oddly enough, looks rather familiar. Among the things you will be working on include building a farm and barracks. You will also be taught how to launch attacks, as well as defending it from monsters and other players. In addition, researching new technologies and upgrading buildings are also part of the
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