Zora Neal Hurston Integrates Folklore with Fiction Essay examples

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Zora Neal Hurston integrates folklore with fiction in her works. Zora Neale Hurston was an author during the time of the Harlem Renaissance who won Anisfield-Wolf Book Awards. She wrote a number of books but “Their Eyes Were watching God” was by far her most successful book that she has written. “Their Eyes Were watching God’” was published in 1937 had fifty-two editions and had a rating of 109,737. This was not only the most successful book that she had written but it was also one of the most popular books of her time. That may have been her most successful book she wrote but it is the same as all of her other fiction books with uses folklore in them witch is because of her background. It all started with “Jonah's Gourd Vine” …show more content…

Notasulga is a town in Alabama with a population of 916. If you’ve ever been in a small the south more important a town in Alabama you know they are very traditional. Her family moved to Eatonville, Florida, one of the first all-black towns in the United States witch was very traditional. She he was the fifth out of eight kids and her parents were John Hurston and Lucy Ann Hurston. Her father John Huston was a Baptist preacher and her mother Lucy Ann Huston was a school teacher. In my opinion this was the main reason she was very educated, religious and folklore. In addition she was very interested in other people, other counties’, and other communities’ folklore witch she also displayed in her work. In her book “Tell My Horse” she writes about accounts of the weird mysteries and horrors of voodoo in Haiti and Jamaica. This is a picture of ceremonies and customs and superstitions because it is based on Hurston's personal experiences in Haiti and Jamaica. Times Book Review said, "Strikingly dramatic, yet simple and unrestrained an unusual and intensely interesting book richly packed with strange information."

Next Zora Neale Hurston wrote “Dust Tracks on a Road” published in1942 this book is actually an autobiography that explains her child hood. Therefore she talks about how she was how she is the daughter of the Mayor

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