Zora Neale's Their Eyes Were Watching God

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As a person grows up, he or she has been given advice on how to live life but this advice does not have a significant imprint until after the person lives in a situation where the advice is needed. The character of Janie from the book Their Eyes Were Watching God explains that one cannot be told how to accept events they cannot control and how to live for themselves. Janie shows that one must live through these events to be able to accept them. Outside people can only present information or advice. One must live through a situation, learn, and accept uncontrollable events on his or her own. Everyday people see upsetting posts on social media. These posts cause range of emotions from anger to sadness. Typically, the viewers of these posts have not been exposed to the situations. Mental illness has …show more content…

Reporters and people with the mental illness try to raise awareness for the topic but their posts do not provide the true understanding required for the common person. Stories of soldiers with PTSD have failed to truly explain what PTSD feels like. A past science teacher of mine had a brother in the military, he lost his eyes and to save the life of a close friend, he ripped his friend’s leg off. Now he cannot touch raw meat because the feeling causes flashbacks to the time. When I heard this story, all I could do was feel bad for the man. I never completely understood why this everyday activity caused him so much pain. Nobody could have prepared him for the huge changes he went through but the people tried to lead him back to a normal life. Janie was not exposed to the downsides of marriage until she was married to her first

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