##akle Fighting Geryon : Herakles Fighting The Nemean Lion

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Herakles Fighting Geryon portrays Herakles as a more strategic and skilled fighter in battle than Herakles Fighting the Nemean Lion does. This difference is illustrated through multiple visual factors involved in each piece. These two pottery pieces depict the Greek hero Herakles completing one of the infamous twelve physical labors the gods required him to complete. Herakles Fighting the Nemean Lion is a black figure vessel dating back to 6th century B.C.E. that illustrates Herakles’ first task which was to kill the lion terrorizing Nemean. Herakles and the lion are shown in close proximity and at eye level to one another. One of the lion’s paws seems to have a hold on Herakles’ back while the other three paws stand firmly on the ground. Herakles has one hand up by the lion’s face, with his other hand gripping what is most likely a club, in accordance with the legend, that looks to be poking or stabbing the lion. Herakles Fighting Geryon shows Herakles up against Geryon a three-headed, winged man in his tenth labor. Geryon and Herakles stand back from each other with each of Geryon’s spears raised above their heads. This piece of pottery is a black figure amphora that is dated to 540 B.C.E. Herakles has his bow and arrow drawn at the ready, pointing it at Geryson. Geryson also holds three shields up in front of him for protection.
First, the arrangement of the figures along with their gestures and movements display Herakles as a more practiced fighter in Herakles Fighting

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