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Alcohol. Its been around for millenniums before jesus and its always going to be around and most of us can't do anything about it but we can find a way to stop alcohol from getting stronger. We all know someone or something that has ever used alcohol either to; have fun,drown the sorrows of the day, or just to fit in. Every body will encounter alcohol one point or another so might as well know what the effects of drinking are. All people drink; women,men,teens,and elders. The point is that alcohol is everywhere and i mean everywhere. It is published by everyone and everything. It gets published from billboards to commercials,tv shows, and celebrities . Where the media is trying to sell the young folks, a lifestyle that they can't afford and which leads to crime to get the money for the alcohol they want so badly, even some friends will be pulled into it and hurts to see them go. Because of this we are also get pulled into that way of life, its likely that you can later abuse drugs(alcoholism about). Drinking is just part of this generation and no one knows when It will stop. I learned that the effects of early drinking and the effect on men and women, the long-term effects of drinking and Its effects on the brain and liver and what are the damaging effects on your body. The effect of drinking and driving and the effects of drinking when a woman is fertilized and the disabilities that can happen to the child. I picked this subject

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