##ception Of Beauty And Social Perceptions Affect Social Interactions

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There is an old saying “don’t judge a book by its cover”, but to judge a person by their character. This is a more adequate way to form an opinion of someone, but people’s natural instincts unconsciously overpower this learned behavior. People tend to form initial opinions of someone based on appearance. Perceptions of beauty affect social interaction when forming friendships, romantic relationships, and casual encounters. There are a number of factors that affect our interactions, such as technology, societal views, human cognition, physical attractiveness, and so on.
Human behavior is complex and can be difficult to understand. Anjan Chatterjee and Oshin Vartanian (2016) delineate in their work how the relatively new scientific field of neuroaesthetics is improving our cognizance regarding the role of aesthetic evaluations by inspecting and determining their biological foundation (p. 172). The perception of beauty unconsciously affects interactions, personal preferences, and decision-making processes. A multitude of neural networks known as the aesthetic triad encompasses the aesthetic experiences that emerge from the interaction between emotion-valuation, sensory-motor, and meaning-knowledge neural systems (p. 178). Chatterjee and Vartanian (2016) discuss how the aesthetic triad can sequentially explain the phenomena essential to aesthetics, such as the influence of environmental factors on one’s perception of a stimulus (pp. 174-75). Bearing in mind the significance of

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