Essay about criminal factors

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What makes criminals?

Have you ever wondered why some social groups are more prone to crime than others are? Should we conclude that some groups are more prone to crime or that they are just put in a situation that makes them more likely to commit crimes? In spite of the research in the past years there is still no conclusive evidence as to why some people in the same situations choose to commit crimes while the others don’t. There are numerous reasons that offenders resort to crime; Families, gender, economic status, age, and race are all valid explanations said by many theorists as to why certain social groups commit crimes, and why certain groups stay away.
Married life is the norm of our society but it can also cause strain and
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We convince ourselves of our own normalcy by condemning and controlling those who disagree. Deviance is a phenomenon situated in power: Winners are the good and the normal; Losers are the sick, the crazy, and the evil. Deviance therefore exists in opposition to those who attempt to control it - to those who have power.” (Phofl, 1994)
When crime becomes part of a child’s life at an early age, they begin to consider it as second nature. Born criminal’s look at prison as a place in which food and shelter are guaranteed without having to do much labor and more often than not, they are made to sit and do nothing and be fed and clothed for free, which makes prison more comfortable than the community or city that they are from. Society may force people to fall back into crime, with institutions, segregation and surveillance, these constant reassurances of their not being able to function outside of prison deprived them of any chance of leading a normal life. The only way these individuals know to survive is to simply return to the so called houses of correction and prisons.
There has always been a reluctance to accept poverty officially as a cause of crime. Being employed can mean many things, one could work few hours or work for such a low wage that they fall under the title of being employed but they still need another income. This, for some people, results in crime, typically property crime for males and prostitution for females. Economic conditions do