Is Baba Wawa Guilty Of Defamation Of Character And Invasion Of Privacy?

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In this case, there are two issues. These issues happen when Baba Wawa shows up earlier for the interview. Instead of saying she was there, she secretly takes pictures of Howard Huge holding one of the dogs and that of Beauty Queen wiping something from the carpet and apparently crying. Without inquiry, Baba Wawa decides that Howard Huge is choking the dog, Beauty Queen must be doomed in her marriage and that the dogs are hidden from people.
The legal issues, in this case, is the defendant, who published the story about the plaintiff, liable for defamation of character and invasion of privacy? The matter of whether Baba Wawa is guilty of defamation happens when she publishes a photo of Howard Huge implying that he was mad and choking the dog. Beauty Queen was cringing and then goes on to make a statement that couple declined to permit the dogs to be seen and that no one had seen the dogs since the photos were taken. The publication and statement ruin the couple’s image. Their friends are avoiding them, and they are not enabling them to show the dogs. There is also an issue of whether the Star News is guilty of defamation by allowing Baba Wawa to distribute the story using their publication. The matter of whether Baba Wawa is guilty of invasion of privacy occurs when she takes pictures of the two without their permission. …show more content…

In common law, defamation in writing is classified as Libel, and oral defamation as Slander” There are four elements of defamation.
i. The plaintiff bears the burden of proving that the defamatory statement made by the defendant is

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