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Descartes ignored all he believed to be true. He believed that if any belief can be doubted it is not certain, making it unusable as a foundation. Descartes jettisons any information, knowledge, or truths that are based on his senses. He applied the “Dream Argument,” (19) where he stated that based on the senses alone, there is no definite way of proving that you are dreaming or awake. Therefore, any truths based upon the senses are unreliable and doubtful. Descartes turned to why and how his senses were deceivable.
Descartes spent Meditation One attempting to disprove his fundamental beliefs. First, Descartes doubts that he is able to trust his senses because they are occasionally wrong. An example of this is a longed haired person that …show more content…

Descartes disproved these beliefs by abandoning the idea of a supremely good God. He had believed in god all his life. He brought up the argument of a different kind of God. This God’s sole purpose was to deceive Descartes. Descartes' argument for the existence of God is then: if God is all perfection, existence is perfection. Therefore, God exists. Despite his many efforts to remove all imprecise information from his thoughts, Descartes' proves that God has some shortcomings, which have been pointed out over time. One problem was his idea of God. In order to see where the inconsistency lies, we must refer to his understanding of certainty and ideas, mainly methodic doubt. Ideas are concepts that resemble things outside of ones self. Using Descartes’ own logic one can see that these ideas can be doubted. Why was God not doubted? Descartes formed an idea of God as an infinitely good being. He had to discover this idea within his own mind. According to his principle of universal doubt, he cannot simply know whether his conception of God is correct or incorrect. In other words, this idea was considered false until proven otherwise. Since, the idea of God is in doubt, the trustworthiness of one’s reasoning must also be in doubt. Another problem with his proof was that he used his powers of reason without first proving that they were beyond doubt.
God's infinite perfection was made certain to Descartes through the very same

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