ecological model of health

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Applying the IOM’s (Institute of Medicine) Ecological Model of Health

This paper discusses how IOM’s ecological model can be used to stop the AIDs pandemic which is a health issue globally. This is because the number of people infected with the disease has increased over the years, since the first case was reported. Statistics show that over 34 million people are infected globally. The disease has been declared a pandemic due to the effects it has caused globally. Therefore, urgency is needed to stop its spread by reducing the rate of infection.
Applying the IOM’s (Institute of Medicine) Ecological Model of Health
Introduction and Background Information on the Aids Pandemic
Ever since the first case of AIDs
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This deal with addressing the community, family and social networks that people are part of. Nurses should in this case analyze the different social environments that people live in so as to successfully address the AIDs pandemic. This is mainly due to the fact that people may tend to form their attitudes towards the disease depending on their social network. Nurses should form groups, and educate the people as a community, about the effects of the disease on both the community and family, an undertaking which will raise awareness among the community members. This is likely to help the community to be cautious and responsible for their actions, as well as prevent the promotion of any negative values that may increase chances of people in the society acquiring the disease (Levine & What Works Working Group, 2007). Additionally, nursing should address the issue of stigma that family and social networks have towards the AIDs pandemic and those suffering from it, and which hinder people from seeking help and knowing their status (Qubuda & Mphumela, 2009). Physical environment, which comprises of living and working conditions, is another component that nursing can apply in stopping the AIDs pandemic. Living and working conditions greatly influence what a person thinks and acts from what they observe happening around them. The issue of unsafe living conditions increases risk factors which
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