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I.S.228 Justin Havens
703 12/24/04
Holes Louis Sachar Fiction

Holes is about a boy named Stanley Yelnats. Stanley has been sent to camp green lake (a juvenile center). He was arrested, and later guilty for stealing a pair of shoes. Back
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The reason he’s been digging hole for the past month because the warden told him there digging holes to build character, but later they found out the reason they were digging was for money, gold and riches from Kissing Kate Barlow. So as the days went past Stanley noticed more clues. When Stanley was sent to the warden for being accused for stealing a bag of seeds he noticed photos of Kissing Kate Barlow’s pictures wanted. She was wanted for robbing banks and people. One of those people happened to be Stanley Yelnats. If it wasn’t for kissing Kate Barlow Stanley would be rich. Stanley then dug a hole and found a tube of lipstick that had the initials K.B. X-Ray then took it from him to get the day off, Stanley didn’t do anything. When he handed it in the warden was happy, gave extra shower tokens and even more water. The next day they dug in the same spot that the warden thought the tube was founded in but it was really the hole Stanley dug. Stanley made a friend Zero. Zero was Stanley’s only friend. Zero knew Stanley didn’t take the shoes, he knew he didn’t take the sunflower seeds. Mean time Stanley was teaching zero how to read. Zero was a little boy; he was a home less kid. He was in for stealing a pair of pay less sneakers. Stanley then went to dig his hole, got some water and then Zigzag started a fight with Stanley. Then zero jumped on zigzag and caught him in a headlock. Then the warden came to see what happened and Mr. Pendants thought zero was dumb so when
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