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Cornrows updo with a weave ponytail is basically two hair styles in one. The cornrows are generally small in size, and the weave is usually sewn or wrapped around the ponytail. The weave ponytail is usually done with curly or weave hair. Cornrows updo with a weave ponytail usually last two to four weeks. This process generally takes 1½ to 2 hours depending on the desired size of cornrows.
Cornrows is one of the healthiest of all braiding hair services. Cornrows are good for your hair because they tend to encourage growth. Many people get cornrows in their hair because they last a long time, and they require no chemicals that can harm the hair.
Cornrows have existed for a long time but not until recently have they become …show more content…

Be very careful with hot tools and equipment; such as flat irons and curling
Consult with the client before doing any hair service.
Keep all plug-in tools and equipment safely away from water.

Hair Preparation:
Before you start any hair care service the hair should be properly cleaned, combed, greased, and blow-dried. Follow these steps in order, as listed below:
1. Cleaning the Hair: Shampoo the hair twice; you can do it a third time if necessary. Then dry the hair with a towel. Apply a conditioner, and leave in for 15 minutes.
2. Combing the Hair: Use your rattail comb to part the entire head into four sections. Gradually separate the hair so it prevents tangles through the comb-out process. After each section is separated hold each section together with a rubber band or hair clip. Unclip one section at a time, hold firmly from scalp, and start combing the hair from the ends to the roots.
3. Greasing the Scalp: apply a thin coat of grease to the entire head from roots to ends. (I recommend coconut oil grease.) After combing and greasing the hair thoroughly re-clip the four sections of hair. Now it is time to

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