##io And Ratio : An Analysis Of Friendship Between Hamlet And Horatio

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An analysis of the Friendship between Hamlet and Horatio One will be hard-pressed to find true friendship and loyalty in Shakespeare’s masterpieces, especially in his tragedies. Various characters seem to be close friends with the main character in the beginning of plays but usually reveal their true opinions on them or disappear because of their lack of loyalty. The friendship between Horatio and Hamlet lasts longer because the two of them share a love for each other, which according to Aristotle, is a friendship based on goodness.
There are three types of friendship according to Aristotle. The first type of friendship is based on utility. In this type of friendship, both individuals get some sort of benefit from their friend. The second type of friendship is based on pleasure. Here, both individuals are drawn to the other’s personality, appearance, and other qualities. The third type of friendship, according to Aristotle, is based on goodness: “[This]… friendship is the friendship of good people similar in virtue; for they wish goods in the same way to each other in so far as they are good, and they are good in themselves” (Pakaluk 33). To Aristotle, the individuals admire their friend’s goodness and in which they help one another in their pursuit for happiness and goodness. In Shakespeare’s Hamlet, the friendship between Hamlet and Horatio falls under the third type of friendship, although with some exception.
In a sense, the friendship between Hamlet and Horatio

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