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Comparative of Julius Caesar and Czar Nicholas ll

Julius Caesar was born on July 13, 100 BC, he was a strong leader for the Romans who changed the course of history of the Roman world decisively and irreversibly. Julius Caesar was able to create the Roman Empire because of his strength and strong war strategies. Julius Caesar was to become one of the greatest generals, of nquering the whole of Gaul. In 58 BC, Caesar became governor and military commander of Gaul, which included modern France, Belgium, and portions of Switzerland, Holland, and Germany west of the Rhine. Julius Caesar led military campaigns involving both the Roman legions and tribes in Gaul who were often competing among themselves. Julius Caesar was a Roman
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He became driven and wanted to get to the highest positions in Roman politics. In 65 BC, Caesar was appointed an 'adele' and put in charge of public entertainment in Rome. He also courted the friendship of Rome's richest man, Crassus. In 59 BC, Caesar was appointed a consul and in 58 BC he went to Gaul, France where he served as governor. He was successful in this position and conquered even more land for the Roman Empire. Julius was a general and commanded an army of over 50,000 loyal men. In 49 BC the Senate ordered Caesar to hand over his army to their control. He refused. Instead Caesar advanced on Italy but paused at the line that divided France Gaul and Italy - the River Rubicon. Roman law said that a governor was not allowed to leave his province. Caesar ignored this law, crossed the Rubicon and advanced to confront his enemies in Rome. The Senate considered this to be a treasonable offence but there was little they could do. Caesar had a very powerful and experienced army following the defeat of his enemies Julius Caesar returned to Rome in 45 BC as a dictator.

Czar Nicholas ll was educated by several tutors, Nicholas studied languages, history, sciences, horsemanship, shooting, and dancing. What he was not schooled in, unfortunately for Russia, was how to function as a monarch. Czar Alexander III, planned to rule for decades. He assumed there would be plenty of time to instruct Nicholas in how to run the empire at the age of
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