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1) A contract is an agreement made between two or more parties which are recognised by Law. There have been many scenarios such as the rejection of offer, leaving a voicemail to accept the offer, letter been posted on the same day and also a note through the door stating that offer has been accepted by David.
First of all, in our case Arthur decides to sell his car putting a notice in his rear window of the car door. This action represents an offer not an invitation to treat. An offer is when one party makes an agreement setting out the terms of the contract and other party accepts an offer. An offer is clearly differentiated from invitation to treat in the case of Pharmaceutical society of Great Britain v boots 1953 where the
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Other cases such as, Supply of Good and services Act 1982, also illustrates that if a condition of a contract is broken then the innocent party can end the contract. In this case there is an implied obligation in a contract such as this is to supply goods that match their contractual description. However the case study of Schuler AG v Wickman Machine Tool sales Ltd (1973) is contained a clause, described as a condition, which required that representatives of wickman should visit six potential names customer of Schuler’s goods each week throughout the duration of the contract. Wickman’s representatives missed some visits, and Schuler purported to terminate for breach of condition. The House of Lords held that they were not entitled to do so and it was necessary to look beyond the label used by the parties.
The word warranty usually describes a contractual term which can be broken without highly important consequences, and failure to observe warranties will not result in the collapse of the whole contract. If a warrant is breached the innocent party claim damages but they cannot leave the contract, if they try to then the innocent t party will be in the breach of contract. The case Bettini V Gye (1876)
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