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Bookreport on „Of Mice and Men“

The novel „Of Men and Mice“ was published in 1937 and is written by John Steinbeck. The first

edition of the book has 107 pages and can be devided into six different sections. The novel plays

during the Great Depression, in California. The Author himself grew up in a fertile agricultural

valley about twentey-five miles from the Pacific Coast. The maine Charachters are two migrant

workers, Lenni Small and George Milton. Two very different men, who travel from farm to farm,

trying to earn enough money to buy their own little house with some animals. In the following text

will be a short summerary of the books content and subsequetly the story and writing style of the

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Curley 's wife finds him in the

barn with the dead puppy. She comforts him and allows him to feel how soft her hair. When he gets

to roughly, she screams. Lennie covers her mouth out of panick and accidentally misestimating his

streangth snaps her neck. After he realized he had killing her, Lennie flees from the ranch. Candy

and George find the body and assume it was Lennie who killed the women. Candy alerts the other

men, and Curley forms a party to search for Lennie and kill him. George steals Carlson 's, a co

worker, gun, letting the other men think that Lennie took it before he escaped. George, who points

Curley and the other men in the wrong direction, finds Lennie in at the lake where he told him to

come in case of any trouble at the beginning of the novel. Lennie has been having hallucinations of

a giant rabbit and his Aunt Calra warning Lennie that George will be angry at him for killing

Curley 's wife and that he has lost the possibility of having a house with a rabbit hutch. George

reassures Lennie that they will have the rabbit hutch after all, meanwhile he is preparing to shoot his

friend with Carlson 's gun. Hearing the shot, the other men find George and Lennie. George tells

them that Lennie had stolen the gun and that he shot Lennie in a fight.

The story was written because John Steinbeck wanted to show how life was during the Great

Depression. He wanted to show how people were

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