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Project Charter
Colorado Spring Welcome Home Parade
Project Management
January 24, 2015 Abstract
This project charter is planned to help O’Donnell & O’Donnell LLP who will lead the project management team take place the parade smoothly. This parade for welcoming home troops will be organized in Colorado Spring which has a long history of military. This project charter’s goal is making sure project management team and sponsors understand all details and tasks of this parade and getting an agreement between these two parties. Some important tasks can be directed with the project charter. For examples, raising fund, arranging thousands of soldiers and planning a lunch …show more content…

Risks management is an important step during the process of a project. Failing to manage a risk may result in unforeseen event happening and a project’s failure. For example, with limited budget, an unforeseen event or an accident occurs in the middle of a project and this matter has not been considered and needs a big sum of expense, then the project may be stopped because of this unexpected event. We should know it is necessary to understand how to identify risks and assumptions based on the information. After identifying risks, it is important for project managers to set contingency plans to prevent and deal with these risks when they occur. Of course, several problems may happen during considering

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