psy Article: Obey at Any Cost? Essay

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Research Experience Paper
Psychology 101
Arielle Mason
Professor C Maile
October 15, 2013

Article: Obey at Any Cost? Many times we are given commands or orders from a higher authority or power some of which we do not agree with or follow. This is because we use our moral values and human emotions to determine whether they were right or wrong. But there is a time where we may judge and not agree while others may not pass a judgment and be in agreement. In the study of Psychology we look to a researchers finding to prove the way we respond to emotional, environmental and societal changes. Stanley Milgram a researcher that set out on the behalf of Yale University conducted a study to determine how obedient
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Neither were they told the true meaning to the experiment. They were informed that they were taking part in a study to reveal if there is any retaining of learning with punishment involved. They were instructed to choose from a draw from a hat on what role they would play in the study. This left them only a choice a role as the learner. They were taken to another area in the lab to execute the exercise. They were then strapped to a chair connected to the high voltage machine. The instructor gave them a list of words to remember as they were spoken from a different room. Afterwards they were instructed to recite the words that were paired together with no relation to each other. The pain was delivered with increasing the voltage if the word pairs were not recited correctly. As the pain increase they ask to stop. This was a sign that they could not respond obediently to the pain and their tolerance was getting weaker. But the teacher explained that they must continue causing a small percentage of accuracy but no greater change. The most obedient took the most voltage in shock and those who quit early were deemed the least obedient. The highest shock level was at three hundred and seventy-five volts and least of three hundred volts. The most obedient remained calm as the levels increase while the least obedient showed anger and discomfort despite being instructed
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