racism speech Essay

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For centuries a disease has plagued our nation just like AIDS has Africa, I bet you all are wondering what this disease is. You probably think that it can be treated with limited breakouts every few years. The virus I'm talking about is racism. Imagine living every day in fear knowing that where ever you go, everything you do is being observed and judged. Imagine walking into a store or a boutique and having someone watch every move of yours thinking that you’re going to steal something, or expose a bomb from under your clothes. Imagine being mocked and hated at school because you're "different". Imagine being left out because of your skin colour. No one enjoys being left out, but then, why do people judge? Why do people set a fire of…show more content…
The employee made sure that nothing had been stolen from the shelfs that he walked past by.
I believe that racism should be stopped because racism can result in acts of physical abuse and violence. People get mentally and physically hurt by people who are being racist. For example there was a refugee who was beaten by a racist guy in Wollongong for doing absolutely nothing; he was punched multiple times before being robbed. The refugee, who had arrived in Australia from his native Eritrea only five days earlier, required stitches in his left ear and lost a tooth in the ordeal, this isn’t normal in any way. People who get mentally hurt by racist actions can do strange things. They can start to become racist themselves, or even commit suicide, which is an awful thing.
Racism not only leads to social problems but it also causes mental illness and violence for example, self-harm, depression and the harming of others. In most cases the victim starts to feel helpless, isolated, depressed and irritated. Experiencing racism can change a victim’s life forever. Nearly half of all Australian residents from a diverse background have experienced racism at some time in their life. WHY? Only because they look different? On a Wednesday afternoon a well-dressed 54 year woman in a mustard jacket unleashed a lecture of abuse at other passengers on a Sydney to Newcastle train, it started because some young kids aged between four and ten didn’t automatically give up their seats
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