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Reagan: A True American Hero”

“We will continue our quest in space. There will be more flights and more space shuttle crews. And, yes, more volunteers.”
-Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan, viewed by some as a true American hero, was as stupendous as presidents can be. His dramatic speeches and down-to-earth personality made people proud to be American. Ronald Reagan seemed more then American. He was a patriot. Ronald Reagan cared deeply for the American people as well at their values. Our nation now felt, …show more content…

Another huge impact on Reagan was Nixon. First, Reagan helped him to get into presidency. Then, when Nixon’s term was over, Reagan ran against him (Brown 47.) When Ronald got into office, he set a number of primary goals for his campaign. One of his biggest goals was to put a stop to terrorism. When a bomb exploded in a U.S. soldiers’ barracks in Lebanon, 1983, Reagan became enraged. He was bent on stopping the suspected culprit, Muammal al-Quddadafi, a Lybian dictator. He never succeeded in doing this. In addition, he wanted to put a stop to the ongoing violence in Israel, especially when Israel invaded Lebanon. (“Ronald
Reagan” 236.) Many may say that Ronald Reagan’s ideals were far out of reach.
Some saw his goals as “chameleon-like,” often changing his opinions to appeal to a particular group. In addition, he caused a great amount of tension between the US and the Soviet Union by ordering to replenish the U.S. nuclear arsenal by 25%.
Overall, middle-class and upper-class people agreed with him. His orders to increase the arsenal sent the national debt down to 3 trillion dollars, one of the worst amount of debt to be drained by one president. All of the extra nuclear weapons and debt were because of his almost paranoid fear of the Soviets. (Fox M. Virginia 88-11.) Overall, Ronald was the right person at a critical time because his choices always seemed right.
At the time of Reagan’s prominence, the attention of the

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