##s In David Kushner's 'The Weschlers' American Dream?

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The Weschlers’ American Dream is to have their political activities and moral beliefs to not infiltrate their personal lives. They desire the happy, equal, and peaceful life most Americans have. Being a Communist in America had been viewed as a threat during the 1950s. Americans feared that the Communists were Russian spies and that America could possibly assimilate into a Communist government because of them. Bea and Lew do their best to hide their communist background. Although when they fail to do this and forms of red-baiting interplay the Weschlers, this limits their opportunities. Bea and Lew became easy targets in society. For years, this leads to FBI investigators showing up at their door, threats, stalking, background checks and job losses- transforming them into a disadvantaged minority. In David Kushner’s Levittown, the General State Attorney for Pennsylvania states, “Because I’ve heard that they are Communists, and it’s best not to get that issue involved,” (Kushner 156). The Weschlers had been with the Myers to meet with McBride and ask for protection of state troops because local police were not offering the Myers enough protection. Although, McBride had looked into the Weschlers background and discovered they were communists. He believed that involving the Myers in an already controversial matter would escalate the issue even more. Although McBride reflected a peaceful and liberal advocate, he had feared communism. McBride had his beliefs and fears dictate his

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