short narrative essay (avalanche)

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Lost but Not Forgotten

It was a cold night in January, when he awoke covered in snow, his board broken and hanging from his left foot, the binding from his right still securely strapped to hit now numb, right foot It was now nearing Zero degrees Fahrenheit he thought, and not a soul was anywhere to be found. Zane Farrell had last seen another creature what he guessed was about six hours ago. As far as he knew he was about thirty miles north of Bull Creek, at the local ski area- Bull Mountain.
Unsure of his exact location, cold and growing weary he started his tedious climb up what he thought was the northern side of the peak, he was unsure how he got to where he was, but his best guess was that when he …show more content…

It was a curse from the gods, he was sure he was going to die. By now he could feel the air forced into him by the wall, it was upon him. He looked forward and saw something big, a tree, frozen, a snow ghost. He hit it and was out, unconscious and at the whim of the towering wall of ice chasing him.
After hiking for a while his head began to hurt and he felt the point and it was wet. He looked at his hand in the moonlight, crimson, he was injured more than he had thought, he was not losing blood fast but it was still enough to make him feel rather sick to his stomach. Along with that he was hungry again and cold. Searching through his pack Zane found a cigarette lighter and a trail map, “won’t be needing this anymore he thought.” He found some semi-dry wood under a huge cedar tree took off his gloves and tried to make a fire. After many attempts to keep the flame light he finally succeeded. Fumbling with numb fingers through his pack at last he found the sandwich bag he had stashed in there that morning. Granola bars and one of the frozen power-ade drinks, he pulled them out and set them next to the growing fire. After they thawed he ate and drank as if he had not eaten in days. But he would need the energy for tomorrow. He dug a hole in the snow next to the fire and slept, it was not warm, but it would do, he knew that he would be warmer under the

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