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Home was Oraibi, the oldest inhabited town in the US.
Near grand canyon
Hopi Indians been there for 800 years
Don born 1890
Population 1000
Descendents from cliff dwellers
Speak shoshonean
Men were short 5-4
Hopi means peaceful people
Kiva – underground religious chamber
Rain in summer
No government or surpreme chief
The mans sisters son succeeds
Village chief always happy
Crier chief makes public decisions
Don sun hill kiva group
Exogamous and matriliniel
Old spider woman who is the salt woman with grandsons
Twin gods
Corn mother and corn maiden gods
Ceremonies are complicated
Katcinas- ancestrial spirits
Buffalo, butterfly, and eagle dances serious
Wowochim ceremony November
Soyal- December- don is in it
Powamu- feb
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May 1906 went to rockyford, Colorado
Worked 12 hour days for 15c an hour
Sept 8 the friendlies were driving the hostilies out
Some went to jail at fort wingate
In November got news to go to a school in California , riverside
He then wanted to be a white man
He fell in love with lousie and kept giving her money
He caught pneumonia
In the dream he chose the wide path
Masau’u was chasing him with a giant club
Ollie queen is his new best girl lol
Stayed in school till 1908
First boat ride in long beach cali
Sex with mettie
Katcinas cant drink water until midday
Had sex with jane but doesn’t want to be with her wants to be with metti
Had sex with eva
He then fell in love with elsie who was mettie best friend and wants to marry elsie
Married mettie
Ira and don initiated into the wowochim in November
Turn into a man after wowochim ceremony
Had sex with eulla
Didn’t marry mettie because her mom would be mad since they were related
Washed heads with yucca suds
Dons new name was Talayesva aka Sitting Tassel
The man ceremony is 8 days long
He was near 20 when he became a man
Part of the Keles
Fought his father and placed dirt into his mouth
Natsi- twelve arrows or spearheads tied to a stick
Hawk priest screeched
Yunyaa means come in- women cried out to the hawk priest
Hihikispi- something to breathe upon
Named tanackmainewa after the soyal ceremony – means shining feathers of the road runner
Bow height- awotabi
When he became a man he decided not to follow jesus Christ anymore

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