##t, Piaget And Vygotsky, Repactivism And Constructivists

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While the backbone of cognitivism may come from the work of Jean Piaget, Piaget and Lev Vygotsky are constructivists. Constructivism is based on the premise of subjectivism or relativism. Truth is not absolute; it is relative because it is commonly created or shared within a community. The primary concern of both Piaget and Vygotsky was in how best to guide learners in their construction of knowledge. Piaget believed learning was an individual endeavor, cognitive constructivism. Vygotsky believed learning was based on community, social constructivism (J. Byun, personal communication, November 13, 2017). Piaget believed that cognitive structures allow people to process information through connections to prior knowledge. People find …show more content…

Accommodation is the process of changing cognitions in order to accept something that is presented in the environment. He also believed students reach a state of equilibrium when there is a balance between assimilation and accommodation. When students are in this state of equilibrium they are comfortable and will not seek to acquire new information or learning. It is important to create a disequilibrium to spark students’ interests and desires to learn through changing their mental structures. Because Piaget did not account for the impact of social and cultural grouping, many believe his studies are culturally biased. Vygotsky believed that social interaction is the catalyst for student learning. Students learn from each other and the adults in their lives. The first learning that takes place is person to person and individually when the person internalizes the information in an attempt to understand something more completely. The first type of social interaction involves social speech in which adults give instructions. Another type of speech is private speech in which children process information and try to apply what they have heard through their experiences with similar situations in an effort to demonstrate self-control. Finally, internal speech is the silent conversation one has within one’s self. This speech leads to higher order thinking. A major difference between Piaget and Vygotsky is that

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