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Essay: essay# Talking to Strangers Talking to Strangers There are two ways that people are able to choose when they meet strangers. Frist, people can friendly to the strangers and have a good time to communicate with strangers. The other way is that people can indifferent to the strangers and never stop to talk with them. It seems that more and more people choose the second way, because they are afraid of meeting trouble. There is a tale called “Little Red Cap”, written by Brothers Grimm. Through personification and symbolism, the author illustrated the character of Little Red Cap become indifferent after being deceived by the first wolf, which revealing people will easily become indifferent after they suffer from cheating, hurting. …show more content…

However, the character of kindness also brings a big dangerous to Little Red Cap. Then the author describes the scene that Little Red Cap is eaten by the wolf then is saved by the hunter to illustrate that Little Red Cap grows up from naive child to a little big mature girl and the character of Little Red Cap also changes from naïve to clever. The plot that, “Little Red Cap quickly fetched some large stones and filled the wolf’s belly with them.”(Brothers Grimm 15). After Little Red Cap comes from the wolf’s belly, she quickly fetched some large stones in it. It describe the aspect of the little girl is smart. Although before was eaten by the wolf, she is weak and doesn’t know how to deal with the dangerous, now she is very smart and knows how to handle the wolf. It means after this experience the little girl grow up. Moreover, Little Red Cap puts some large stones in the belly rather than sew the belly directly. After be cheat by the wolf, Little Red Cap choices kill the wolf rather than forgive it. It hints the characters of Little Red Cap are also changed. At beginning, she is naïve, kind, weak, but now she is calm, revengeful, and merciless. It is a big contrast.
Only after this experience the characters of Little Red Cap are thoroughly changed and the way she connects with strangers also be changed. She becomes calmness, cautious, and

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