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Unit 40 assignment 2

Case study
Amy has dementia and lives in a residential home. In the mornings Amy has always been able to get out of bed and get dressed with some minimal support and then walk independently down to the dining area where she has chosen to have breakfast. Over the past week Amy has been staying in bed longer and longer; she is reluctant to get up in the morning and does not do very much for herself when getting dressed. Her mobility has reduced also and she has started to get pressure sores. Amy’s appetite has also become very poor and she usually only eats a few spoonful’s of her food. When carers encourage her to eat more she refuses.

The Human Rights act
The human rights act is there to protect people,
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It is very easy for somebody with dementia to become anorexic or obese because their short term memory can make them forget that they have had nothing to eat or in the opposite way that they have already had their something. This framework will help Amy because it would be their care workers responsibility to make sure they have had breakfast and write it down if she has or not for the next care worker who may be a part of her team because then they cannot just assume Amy has had something to eat or not.

There are many different types of roles and responsibilities that come with being a care worker for somebody with dementia. The care worker has to promote dignity for the service user. Respect them and give them independence, their rights and privacy. Again giving them privacy could just be by closing their toilet door so nobody can see them when on the toilet. Focusing on strengths and the things they have the ability to do. For example when lied in bed if they can’t sit up to help themselves out of bed, rather than saying ‘you know you can’t do that on your own, you don’t need any help’ ask them ‘do you want some help? I’ll help you up, you swing your legs out of bed then you can get up’. By focusing on the things they can do you’ll be helping to promote their independence to do something else. Involving their friends
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