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Energy Metabolism

Respiration and the Respiratory System-
The respiratory system is in charge of getting the oxygen needed for respiration to the blood flow where it is passed by the blood cells around the body to reach each living cell.
The lungs have a huge blood supply and a huge surface area so they are very effective at getting oxygen out of the air. They are also in charge of getting rid of the carbon dioxide excess and some of the excess water as water vapour. It is the lungs job to get the oxygen and the heart has to pump it around the rest of the body. Energy metabolism; when people are exercising their muscles are contracting and they are using more energy so they will need more oxygen getting to the muscles and my heart …show more content…


This is an anaerobic energy system.
1- For 2 seconds the body relies on the ATP present in the muscle cells.
2- The body then detects that there is an increasing amount of ADP in the muscle cell.
3- This causes the enzyme Creatine Kinase to be released.
4- This enzyme causes Creatine Phosphophate (which is also present in the muscle cell) to be broken down into Creatine and Phosphate.
5- This energy is used to re-form the bonds between ADP and P to make ATP.

PC P + C + Energy

Energy + ADP + P ATP

These reactions produce 1ATP.
This energy system only lasts for 10 seconds. It is used for high intensity, short duration activities e.g. 100m sprint, weightlifting, shot putt

Molecule combining to form complex compounds is the process involved in anabolism. Cells combine amino acids to form structural proteins and functional proteins. Structural proteins help repair and replace tissues. Enzymes, antibodies and hormones are functional proteins that respectively catalyse chemical reactions, help fight disease and regulate body processes.

During anabolism, many different foods & these get stored. Calcium is stored in the bones when they are made or repaired.

The breaking down of foods eaten to get useful products and protein are combined with calcium to form a strong structure of a

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