unit 7 test wages 1

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1. Clarissa is considering two job offers. One has an annual salary of $61.1K and the other has an annual salary of $63.4K. What is the difference in the weekly pay for these two jobs? 63,400-61100=2,300

2. Mr. Leonard took a job through an employment agency. The job pays $88K per year. He must pay a fee to the employment agency of 22% of his first four weeks’ pay. How much money must Mr. Leonard pay the agency, to the nearest cent? 88,000/12=7,333.3 12*.22=2.64

3. Mr. Varello is paid semimonthly. His annual salary is $64,333. What is his semimonthly salary, rounded to the nearest cent? …show more content…

Last year, he sold $1,015,092 worth of computer equipment.
How much money did Barry earn last year, to the nearest cent? 1.015, 092*0.0305=30,960.306

10. Ali has worked at a fashion magazine for the last 5 years. Her current annual salary is $64,000.
When she was hired, she was told that she had four days of paid vacation time. For each year that she worked at the magazine, she would gain another three days of paid vacation time to a maximum of 26 days. How many paid

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