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White Privilege: Reflection Paper

Northeastern State University

This paper is about my reflection of White Privilege in the United States. I got my information from four resources. The first resource was the handout provided for this assignment; White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack, by Peggy McIntosh. The second resource was the website, Access is provided via Northeastern State University as a resource for peer-reviewed articles. Thirdly, the textbook, Cultural Diversity, by Jerry Diller was used as a resource. The fourth resource is the most important, in my opinion. That resource is my mind. This is an opinion/reflection paper; therefore the mind of the author is most …show more content…

Although the minority, pregnant, uneducated people of the world could get all the free help they applied for. Like I said, I do agree with helping those in true need of assistance. However, there are too many people who are cradle to grave welfare recipients, and that just isn’t right. Somewhere in the system there needs to be a program in assisting those to get off of the system. According to Peggy McIntosh, her reasons for feeling that whites have privileges were legitimate reason, like I said, fifty or sixty years ago. For instance, “I can turn on the television or open to the front page of the paper and see people of my race widely represented.” (McIntosh) This is a true statement for all races. The United States has done a good job at trying to display all races equally in public broadcasting and publishing. She also says that if she was to move, her neighbors would more than likely be pleasant with her. This also isn’t true for white people. I lived in a predominately white small town, and my neighbor legitimately hated my family. I never knew why, but she would do things that were dangerous to my family. The only thing we could think of was because we were Catholic. That’s the only thing that was different about us. We even had African American neighbors also, and this lady was nice to them. One time she even lit a match and threw it in a pile of mulch that

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