##winter Dreams In Winter Dreams By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Dreams are a complex and almost inexplicable phenomenon we all experience, but is it possible for these dreams to slowly dictate our lives? In the case of Dexter Green, from the short story ¨Winter Dreams¨ by F.Scott Fitzgerald, it is unavoidable. Throughout the story the ¨dreams¨ Dexter has for his future begin to slowly destroy him, but he does not notice through his extensive disillusionment. Judy Jones continues to beguile Dexter in an attempt to fill a metaphorical void she holds within her soul. Even when Dexter notices her foul play, he does not stop because his dreams hold him down. Fitzgerald uses internal conflict, external conflict, and extended metaphors to portray that a combination of greed and irrationality leads to a life of regrets
Fitzgerald knew the importance of internal conflict in an exceptional work of literature and he used it to his advantage in “Winter Dreams” when conveying his underlying theme. In this quote by the narrator “he sat perfectly quiet, his nerves in wild clamor, afraid if he moved he would find her irresistibly in his arms…” (p. 748) FItzgerald uses internal conflict to show Dexter’s struggle to deny Judy Jones. We see that even Dexter’s nerves are fighting to keep him stable. Throughout this internal fight He loses to a “Perfect wave of emotion” (p.748). In this wave of emotion he loses to his desire. He had to have her, despite knowing she was unobtainable, despite irene, despite his well being. To Dexter, one night with her was

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