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1. Why do we need data structures? Provide an example of each.
2. Discuss a mathematical model and implementation of a List data structure?
3. What are the differences between a list and a linked list?

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Step 1

Data structure:

  • Data structure is defined as a collection of data values, operations that are performed on the data, and the relationships among the data values.
  • To represent basic values in programming language, primitive data structures are used.
  • To store multiple values in a single variable, non-primitive data structures are used.

Example for data structures:

  • Integer, char, Boolean and pointers are the examples of primitive data structures.
  • Examples of non-primitive data structures include array, stack, list, tree, and so on.
Step 2


Mathematical model:

  • Mathematical model defines a container, which contains countable number of objects where the objects are connected through a binary relationship.
  • An example of mathematical model of data structure is an Abstract Data Type (ADT).
  • In mathematical model, the basic operations which can be performed on the containers include insertion, deletion, and so on.
  • A list data structure is a...

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