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Step 1

Here I see total 5 equations which are to be simplified. IAccording to our policies I can answer only 3 questions.  So, I will be answering the first 3 questions. Using this solutions as reference, you can work on rest two or else you can come back again with new request.

Step 2

Given equation in x to be simplified.

While simplifying a equation,if it has multiple operations then we use the PEDMAS method. It say that we should follow the order Parenthesis, Exponent, Multiplicaiton, Division, Addition, Subtraction while performing the operations.

Step 3

Let us consider the first equation 1.9(4-x) = 1.7(2-x)

Here we have operations parenthesis and subtraction. we first simplify the euation and then we solve for it.

First we multiply 1.9 which is outside of parenthesis to the expression 4-x which is inside parenthesis and we multiply 1.7 which is outside of parenthesis to expression 2-x which is inside of parenthesis.

Now we get simplified equation in x. Now we have to solve for x, So we see operations around x and we perform opposite operations like if we have ...


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