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10.4 A planned manufacturing system will have the layout pictured in Figure P10.4 and will use an automated guided vehicle system to move parts between stations in the layout. All work parts are loaded into the system at station 1, moved to one of three processing stations
(2, 3, or 4), and then brought back to station 1 for unloading. Once loaded onto its AGV, each work part stays onboard the vehicle throughout its time in the manufacturing system. Load and unload times at station 1 are each 0.5 min. Processing times at the processing stations are 6.5 min at station 2, 8.0 min at station 3, and 9.5 min at station 4. Vehicle speed = 50 m>min.
Assume that the traffic factor = 1.0 and vehicle availability = 100%. (a) Construct the from-to chart for distances. (b) Determine the maximum hourly production rate for each of the three processing stations, assuming that 15 sec will be lost between successive vehicles at each station; this is the time for the vehicle presently at the station to move out and the next vehicle to move into the station for processing. (c) Find the total number of AGVs that will be needed to achieve these production rates.

Figure P10.4 FMS layout for Problem 10.4.

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-10- 10 15 Figure P10.4 FMS layout for Problem 10.4.


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