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Applications of Derivative

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Q: Lagrange multipliers Each function ƒ has an absolute maximum value and absolute minimum value subjec...

A: Given: ƒ(x, y) = xy The given constraint is g(x,y)= x2 + y2 - xy - 9

Q: Use the vertex and intercepts to sketch the graph of the quadratic function f(x) = x2 + 6x + 3. Give...

A: The given quadratic function is fx=x2+6x+3. For x-intercept, substitute fx=0 in fx=x2+6x+3. 0=x2+6x+...

Q: section 13.5 question 3

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Q: In 1h the minute hand on a clock 73-74 - Clocks and Angles moves through a complete circle, and the ...

A: Since you have posted multiple questions, as per our policy we will answer first question. Please re...

Q: need help with step by step break down please

A: 9x2+7y4=5X-axis symmetry occurs if y is replaced by (-y) and it yields the original equation.9x2+7(-...

Q: section 13.5 question 1

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Q: Find the area of the region bounded by the parabola x = y -y and the line y = x

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Q: If an IRA is a variable-rate investment for 25 years at rate r percent per year, compounded monthly,...

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Q: Caffeine levels Let A(t) be the amount of caffeine (in mg) in thebloodstream t hours after a cup of ...

A: Let A(t) be the amount of caffeine (in mg) in the bloodstream t hours after a cup of coffee has been...

Q: State the Addition and Subtraction Formulas for Sine andCosine.

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Q: Factor completely. 3x2 + 5xy2 + 2y4

A: Given 3x2+5xy2+2y4  We have to factorize it.

Q: Calculus Question

A:   Let the three numbers be x, y, z. The sum of numbers = 400. Therefore, x+y+z= 400.          z=400-...

Q: Given that f(x) = x°h(x) h( – 1) = 3 h'( – 1) = 6 Calculate f'( – 1). Hint: Use the product rule and...

A: Given data: *The function f(x) is f(x)=x9h(x) *The derivative of the function h(x) at -1 is h'(-1)=-...

Q: 4 If f(x) = 7+ , find f'(x). x2 | Find f'(3). 5 +

A: Given f(x)=7+4x+5x2 Using, f'(x)=dfdx

Q: Find the domain of the rational function f(x) = (x2 - 9)/(x - 2) and graph the function.

A: The given function is:

Q: Solve the polynomial equation 6x3 - 11x2 + 6x - 1 = 0.

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Q: Split the region between the two curves into two smaller regions, then determine the area (in units2...

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Q: What is the value of c such that the line y=2x+4 is tangent to the parabola y=cx^2.

A: Given that the line y=2x+4 is tangent to the parabola y=cx2. The derivative of y=cx2 is dydx=2cx. No...

Q: Describe the transformation in this function:f( x)=(x-7)^2

A: f(x)=x-72.  

Q: Determine the amplitude of y = 1/2 sin x. Then graph y = sin x and y = 1/2sin x for 0 ≤ x ≤ 2p.

A: Given y=12sinx  

Q: The graph of a quadratic function f(x) is shown above. It has a vertex at (2, 1) and passes the poin...

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Q: b. Consider the compound function:             (x - 2)3 for x less than or equal to 2h(x) =  |x| for...

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Q: Calculus Question

A: In this question, we have to find the exponential model with the given formula A(t)=P(1+RN)NT Where ...

Q: What must be done to a function’s equation so that its graph is shrunk horizontally? Explain.

A: Given that a function has to be shrunk horizontally.

Q: section 13.5 question 4

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Q: Find all numbers that must be excluded from the domain of  rational expression. [7/(x - 3)]

A: Given function is 7/(x - 3)  We have to find that values of x which excluded from the domain  

Q: The description of body-heat loss due to convection involves a coefficient of convection, Kc, which ...

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Q: Use the definition of continuity and the properties oflimits to show that the function is continuous...

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