Asked Jan 30, 2019

3/10 x (4/5 - 1/2) + 3/10 + (4/5)2
I don't know how to work the problem


Expert Answer

Step 1

We use BODMAS or PEDMAS rule for simplifying the expressions like this.

This rule helps us to choose the order of operations to solve the expression.

In BODMAS rule,

B – Brackets (P – Parentheses)

O – Of part (roots, powers, exponents… etc.) (E – Exponents)

D – Division

M – Multiplication

A – Addition

S – Subtraction

Step 2

According to this rule first we must solve inside the brackets(B), then solve of part (O), then Division(D), Multiplication(M) and then at last Addition(A), Subtraction(S)

Step 3

The given expression is s...


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