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Q: The length of a brick path is 12 feet. (A) You want to add an equal, unknown length of stones at eac...

A: part(a)The length of a brick path is 12 feet.An unknown length is to be added at each end of given b...

Q: #7

A: Rewrite the given line equation as follows.

Q: Determine whether the given ordered pair is a solution of the system. (3,-5) 2x+ 3y 9 3x-2y 21 solut...

A: We will plug x=3 and y=-5 in 2x+3y=-9 and check if it works. It works.

Q: O SYSTEMS OF LINEAR EQUATIONS Paul Solving a value mixture problem using a system of linear equ Espa...

A: It is given that the first car has fuel efficiency of 20 miles per gallon of gas and the second car ...

Q: Find the midpoint M of the line segment joining the points A=(1,-2) B=(-7,-8)

A: The given points are…A=(1,-2 ) and B=(-7,-8)The formula to calculate mid-point is…

Q: How do you find the zeros and multiplicity of the function x^3+5x^2+7x+3 given that one zero is -1

A: Consider the given function:

Q: Let g (x) = 12− x 2 , then answer the following questions: (a) Identify the parent function:f (x) = ...

A: We are given a function as 

Q: Determine whether the function has an inverse function. If it does, find the inverse function. ​f(x)...

A: The function is given by,

Q: (1/12x4+5/8x3+5/8x2+4)+(-7/12x4+3/8x2-4)=

A: Firstly, we remove the brackets and then we collect the like terms and solve  as shown on board.