1. Find the exact value of x in the figure.

8. Suppose ABC is a right triangle with side lenghts a, b and c and right angle at C. Find the unkown side lenght and then the value of the indicates trigonometric functions of the abgle. Find csc B when a =3 and b=7.

10. An equation of the terminal side of an angle theta in standard position is given along with a restriction on x. Fein the indicated trigonometric function value of theta.

15. Evaluate the expression cot 270 degrees + 6 cos 180 degrees + 5 sec(squared) 360 degrees.

16. Find the equation of a line passing through the origin so that thr sine of the angle between the line in quadrant I and the positive x-axis is squareroot of 2/2.

4. ind the exact value of x In te f
value of x in
r Sypese ABC is at sie legh
at C. Find fr unhoun side leayth usinp the
Sice len
equetion of the teningl side of en Bn
Transcribed Image Text

4. ind the exact value of x In te f value of x in 屰 14 45 r Sypese ABC is at sie legh at C. Find fr unhoun side leayth usinp the Sice len I equetion of the teningl side of en Bn

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A: Given expression is: According to trigonometric identities,Plugging the value in the given expressio...

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A: The diagram is on the board . First we use sin 60 = a/24, and solve for b .Then we use cos 60=a/24 a...

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