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4x-3y=-4 and 2x-5y=-4. I need to find a solution and solve it graphically


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Step 1

Given linear equations are:


The lines representing the linear equations are to be plotted and the intersection of the graph gives the solution for the linear equations.


Plotting the graphs using the intercepts:

For the first equation i.e. 4x – 3y = -4:

When x = 0, y = 4/3

When y = 0, x = -1

Hence the intercepts of the line are (0,4/3) and (-1,0)


For the second equation i....


Image Transcriptionclose

4х - Зу %3D — 4 2х - 5у%3 -4 4x, Зу—-4 3 2 -3 0 2 3 2х - 5y %3D -4 -1 от


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