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the book is "First Course on Fuzzy Theory and Applications"

6.3 There in a fuzzy bunch of function
X 2, 3,4
f (fi, 0.4), (/2,0.5), (fs, 0.9)j
Finds (2), 7(3) and 7(4).

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6.3 There in a fuzzy bunch of function X 2, 3,4 f (fi, 0.4), (/2,0.5), (fs, 0.9)j Finds (2), 7(3) and 7(4).


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Step 1

Definition used:

Step 2

Use f1(x) = x + 1 to find the fuzzy bunch of crisp function at j = 1 as follows.

Step 3

Use f2(x) = x2 to find the fuzzy bunch of crisp function at ...


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